graphic Design & Illustration


From years of avid exploration in photography, fine arts and traditional media came the ability, confidence, and knowledge to take often-rewarding aesthetic risks. My design work is influenced by my early interest in street art, filling sketchbooks with anything from handstyles to complex illustrations; to this I owe my color use, hand lettering, and layering abilities. Every day I continue to grow as an artist and designer, increasing my body of work while aspiring progression. I hope to take on new challenges to not only further develop my design skills but to help those around me see that beauty is in the details.

Lswans Garage - Web Concept>> PROJECT 1

Lswans Garage imports performance parts and vehicles from Japan to the US for those involved in the automotive & drift culture. The concept is to increase efficiency for customers searching for specific parts, while also creating a modern, more professional presence and brand feel.

Pinwheel Garland - Craft Kit>> PROJECT 2

The Pinwheel Garland Craft Kit was a group project created in collaboration with four other designers. I designed the cover, a set of patterns and provided color combination resources and options ultimately leading to the selection of the color theme to unify the patterns. Printed & assembled by myself and group members.

Bianchi Bicycles - Billboards & Spreads>> PROJECT 3

Marketable concept for Bianchi Bicycles with collaborative efforts from photographers at Madison College for studio and on-site lit photos. Regardless who you are, or where you ride, Bianchi Bicycles has proven performance, quality and aesthetic that’s right for everyone.

Nightmare Snowboard - Catalog>> PROJECT 4

Nightmare Snowboards is a small snowboard manufacturer local to Silverthorne Colorado near resorts like Keystone, Breckenridge, Loveland, Vail & more. This catalog was designed to further the brand feel and be a marketable asset to spur company growth.