graphic Design & Illustration


It took me years to realize that behind my love of intricate textile patterns, irresistible food packaging, and provocative typography was a crafty, creative graphic designer.  And now that I'm beginning to unravel the secrets behind effective and beautiful design work, I'm learning to apply those same passions to the design challenges and opportunities facing our communities today.

Madison College New Student Campaign>> PROJECT 1

After over three years of working for Madison College in Enrollment Coordination and Student Recruitment, I proposed this print project to Admissions Department as a way to better capture the excitement of becoming a new student at Madison College.

Dirty Fruit PSA>> PROJECT 2

Three part print series to promote awareness of the many middlemen that exist between consumers and the produce they buy at traditional supermarkets.

Triscuit Responsive Website>> PROJECT 3

Concept for responsive web design for Triscuit brand crackers. I wanted to create an interactive and visually enticing promotional website for the brand. Users complete the "Party I.Q." quiz and their cracker persona plus recipes will be revealed.

Sputter iOS App>> PROJECT 4

I teamed up with some seriously skilled iOS App Developers from the Madison College Mobile App Development Program to bring one of my favorite party games, \"Salad Bowl,\" to life.