graphic Design & Illustration


While planning my wedding five years ago, I knew design was my calling when creating our stationery with a designer was my favorite part of the planning process! My passions include hand lettering, creating typographical brand identities, page layouts and letterpress printing. I'm in my sweet spot designing with lots of white space to create clean and simple designs. I love a good pop tune and like to laugh.. a LOT! When I'm not designing, I'm either taking a million pictures of my cat, or ordering paper samples for no other reason than just wanting to touch pretty paper.

Joyful Holiday>> PROJECT 1

I entered this hand lettered piece into the "Hot Off The Press" Letterpress Holiday Card Challenge. Out of 877 entries, there were 70 winners. This piece was chosen as one of the Editor's Pick winners.

Canary Paper Co.>> PROJECT 2

Origami was the inspiration behind creating the logo mark for Canary Paper Co. The client wanted a clean, modern mark that was easily recognizable. The use of triangular shapes used in other elements of the branding mimic the wings of the canary.

The Holy Grail>> PROJECT 3

Did you know that 95% of the world's bourbon is made in Kentucky? Yeah, me either! Kentucky is the holy grail for bourbon lovers with eight distilleries on the famous Kentucky Bourbon Trail. For this project I took an online article about the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and wanted to create what it would look like in print form. I loved the challenge of setting large amounts of type and pairing texture and fonts on deep floods of color.