graphic Design & Illustration


In 1995 at a hospital in Chicago, I was brought into this world and the arms of my loving mother and father. I graduated Stoughton High School four years after moving to Madison in 2010 and soon began pursuing my degree, and my dreams, here at Madison Area Technical College. I will continue my education to be a Graphic Novelist in Milwaukee sometime next year. 

Treehouses>> PROJECT 1

This digital illustration was a fun challenge for me as it taught me how to work in perspective in Photoshop. This piece shows the process as it starts as a sketch, goes into line art, adding flat color, making shading and lighting effects, and putting it all together with textures and filters. I really like how the shading and lighting looks in this one. It really makes this piece shine.

Comic Booklet Rebrand for Pizza Pit>> PROJECT 2

This project was the first opportunity I had to try my hand at making a comic book style booklet, but with a bit of a twist. This is a promotional comic for Pizza Pit restaurants, rebranding them with a "Pits of Hell" theme. The comic features "Pete the Pit Fiend" reminding customers, "You don't have to sell your soul to get good pizza". The challenge with this piece actually came from formatting the text and not from the illustration process itself.

Llama Illustrations>> PROJECT 3

This is the kind of work I find some of the most enjoyable to do. I thrive in 2D traditional illustration and this piece shows that. We were tasked with transforming a fellow student into a random animal, so I interviewed my partner to find out what he enjoyed and what he likes to wear, and used this information to make these illustrations. They depict him in llama form relaxing on a rainy day with a good cup of tea, watching the drops fall. The challenge here was drawing equine legs from different angles. The left illustration is colored with watercolors, while the right is colored with markers and artist pens.

Branding for "Soaring Studios">> PROJECT 4

This project is a small branding exercise for a fictional studio. It uses a logo of two wings interfolding to shape into a cloud, symbolizing free-thinking creativity and a "sky's the limit" potential. Shown here is the execution of the brand on a business card (shown left).

"Rest" Coffee Roasters Branding and Collateral>> PROJECT 5

The project that defined and dominated my third semester. I was given a fictional place to make branding for, in this instance a coffee roastery. I took inspiration from music and coffee rings to make the logo and adopted a warm, cozy, responsible and friendly theme for the advertisements and collateral. Featured here are the logo (left), two brands (bottom left and middle-right) and two pieces of collateral, a coffee bean bag (left beside logo) and a coffee to-go cup (far right). The biggest challenge of this project was generating all of the collateral, over 13 pieces!!

Album Cover>> PROJECT 6

By far one of my favorite projects, mostly due to my personal connection to it. I am actually good friends with the artist known as Chromadrift, so I made this for him in one of my classes. The challenge! here was! incorporating a hand-made element to a digital image. In this case, it\'s a colored-pencil spectrum in the shape of the little volume bars you find on some stereo systems and media players that bounce up and down to music. This is against a starfield I found online.