Visual Communications


My name is Patrick and I'm a Madison born media designer specializing in video. Ever since I was young, I've been a fan of the video process - from running around the yard with a camcorder - to watching every "making of" feature on every DVD I owned. While enrolled in the Visual Communications program at Madison College I discovered I had a passion for motion graphics. My dream is to work with video in a professional environment - be it shooting or editing.

Good Food is Good Medicine>> PROJECT 1

A video highlighting the changes that the cafeteria at UW Hospital and Clinics recently implemented. I worked in a collaborative group of students and UW Health staff to best achieve their vision for the video. My personal responsibilities included lighting, interviewing, and editing.

How to Make Cookies From Scratch >> PROJECT 2

A step-by-step process video on how to bake cookies from scratch. A revisit to a video from early on in my video career - I implemented what I have learned in this program to improve the pacing and color of the video.

Village Lanes Youth Bowling>> PROJECT 3

A corporate video for Village Lanes describing their youth bowling program and the benefits it brings. I interviewed the owner of the bowling center, President of the Madison USBC, and a former pro-bowler to discuss how youth bowling benefits kids and teens.

How to Make Mac and Cheese Mozzarella Bombs>> PROJECT 4

A step-by-step process video on how to make mac and cheese mozzarella bombs. This video was the result of my decision to apply all I had learned from my "cookies tutorial" and incorporate that into a fresh project. The goal was to create a better product overall by starting with more knowledge and better footage.

The Rise to infamy of Comic Sans>> PROJECT 5

A motion graphics piece outlining the history of the font, Comic Sans. This was created entirely in Adobe After Effects. This video shows the development of Comic Sans as well as explaining why designers dislike the font so much.