graphic Design & Illustration


Milwaukee Bucks Environmental Graphics>> PROJECT 1

Working with the Milwaukee Bucks ahead of the opening of their new arena for the 2018 season, this design has been chosen among 10 other pieces to move on for final approval from the Bucks ownership. Pending edits and final approval, these environmental design banners will display the energetic and unique touch the Milwaukee Bucks and the city of Milwaukee bring to the NBA culture through their new arena.

HR Panel Table Tents>> PROJECT 2

EUA (Eppstein Uhen Architects) hosted a panel discussion on attracting, engaging and retaining talent in the workplace and the role the physical environment can play in those efforts. Our panelists provided insightful comments on how their companies are currently working to better engage their employees in and outside of the workplace.

Electronic Album Covers>> PROJECT 3

Most of our music is now stored on our phones, computers and iPods, and as the need for CDs and records reaches it’s end, there will always be a need for cover art for artists albums. These digital illustrations/photo manipulations are perfect for the appliance of iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and more.