Visual Communications

Janna Kay

Growing up in a family band, I’ve developed a flair for excitement and had the courage to go out and explore at a very young age. Music has taken me to some of the most magnificent places around the world and opened my eyes to the beauty that we are all apart of; Life. Earning an Applied Arts degree in Visual Communications with a Video Production Certificate, I hope to successfully share the beauty that I see in my video work. My musical background and creative nature will help me keep a fresh and unique perspective on everyday products to bring out a new vibe and connect with consumers on a deeper level.

Personal Photoshoot Keepsake>> PROJECT 1

This video was created using photography that I shot for my niece, Riley’s senior high school portrait. I wanted to capture my niece’s personality and interests while utilitzing the skills I’ve developed in location video and photography production. Music is also important to me and my family and the music choices include Riley’s favorite song from her all time favorite band. I hope to do more of these personalized videos for clients who want more of a keepsake product that also exemplifies their unique character. Music: \"Dear Sister\" by Pretty Reckless Camera: Cannon SL1 Editing Software: Adobe Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC, Audition CC

Creator's Corner: Tom Porter, Lake Louie Brewing >> PROJECT 2

The purpose of this video was to create an interesting piece to be used as a promotional tool for the Lake Louie website. The goal of this segment was to exemplify the charismatic and energetic character of Lake Louie’s owner and founder Tom Porter, while giving a brief history of how he got started in the business and what other passion he encompasses. It is my hope to enhance the personality of the business owner, to help establish a personal interest that helps the viewer feel a connection and want to know more about the creator and their product. Camera: Sony HD Audio: Technica Lavalier, Zoom H4N Editing Software: Adobe Premiere CC, Audition CC

Timeless Treasures: Johnny and the Johnson Family Band>> PROJECT 3

Before my Uncle Johnny passed away last February, I was able to interview him one last time. We learn a little bit about his interests, history and are introduced to the Johnson Family Band. This is a prime example of lasting memories captured and assembled for viewing and enjoyment, long after the subject is no longer here to entertain. I would like to offer my services to those who would like to create a time capsule of stories with older relatives while they are here to share them. A precious gift that can be treasured for generations.

Animated Logo>> PROJECT 4

A logo without movement is like a feature film without a soundtrack. It gives the graphic more depth and interest. Moving graphics are wonderful attention grabbers and I wanted to demonstrate the fun and potential using my own logo. Software Used: Adobe Illustrator CC, After Effects CC, Audition CC

Compositing and the Musical Connection>> PROJECT 5

When I’m not running my children to lessons or school related functions, I am a professional musician that gigs out when timing allows. Here is an introduction to the members of my band, The Jukebillies. The beginning of the video is a composite that I assembled using Adobe After Effects and Audition. This is an effective way to highlight the members of a group and include a variety of songs to be used for promotional purposes.

Mystery of the Missing Cereal>> PROJECT 6

This was created for a class project. Our assignment was to highlight the product Frosted Flakes while showing off the new architecture of the Gateway at Madison College. It shows my playful side as I demonstrate the syncing of music and video to create a sort of dance through Madison College\'s Gateway in a Film Noir style.