Graphic Design & Illustration


Growing up on a dairy farm to choosing a career in graphic design and illustration may not seem like a likely progression to most and they’d probably be right. However, I believe the values I have learned, like hard work pays off, applies while I am creating. My thought process has involved thinking with visuals. When those visuals make you feel something and stop a moment to contemplate, that’s when design is at its best.

Koshka>> PROJECT 1

Koshka is an online clothing store that is unique for highlighting their clothing designers. I wanted to create a promotional piece that looks like one of the designer’s sketchbook to get a further look into their process so the viewer can appreciate their craft even more.

Mentally Aware>> PROJECT 2

During my Introduction to Psychology course, I was inspired to create Mentally Aware, an online source to understand and destigmatize mental illnesses while encouraging people to seek help.

yszr Clothing>> PROJECT 3

I was approached by YSZR Clothing, a startup apparel company in California, to create three designs that could go on t-shirts and other merchandise. They asked me to include their name, their tagline (Live in Freestyle), and give it a skater/surfer vibe and the rest was up to me.