graphic Design & Illustration


Get Happy t-shirts>> PROJECT 1

The GET HAPPY brand was the brain child of some good old fashioned vacation inspiration. With what started out as an idea for something fun to do on the side, it quickly grew into much more than that. T-shirt design, branding, photography, and marketing were all a part of this process, with two more rounds of t-shirts created as well! Please see for more.

#whatsinyourarm>> PROJECT 2

The social media campaign #whatsinyourarm was created from a place of passion towards ending heroin overdoses. This ad series was made to invoke the feelings of darkness that mirror the harsh realities of heroin overdoses, and to captivate the audience into learning more about the organization, Above the Influence.

Mustard Museum Branding>> PROJECT 3

After a couple minutes of researching, the mustard museum looked like it was the perfect candidate for some new branding. Updating the look to feel more modern a stationary, letterhead, and business card were created with more muted versions of the original colors. Patterns were made to add detail in small areas when necessary and to give the look a little extra flare.