Graphic Design & Illustration


My future as a graphic designer became certain when, one year, I returned home from summer camp with hand-painted wayfinding signage for the family dog’s food dish. I later went on to study engineering and work briefly in finance, then in tech, but my dormant creative passion was reawakened when I began drawing again in my spare time. I finally enrolled in the Graphic Design program at Madison College, finding design to be the perfect marriage between my left- and right-brain aptitudes. When I'm not busy making signage for dogs, I'm probably chopping veggies in the kitchen while I belt out my favorite tunes or catch up on a podcast.

Earth Burger>> PROJECT 1

Earth Burger is a vegan fast food restaurant in San Antonio, Texas. Given what I knew about Earth Burger and their small, but devoted following, it seemed they could use a more distinctive brand voice—one that would draw the attention of vegans and carnivores alike. The resulting identity and website combines friendly illustrations and an eccentric color palette with wry humor, making for a brand as unique as the business itself.

Rolling Stone Magazine>> PROJECT 2

I designed a feature editorial spread and spot illustrations for a Rolling Stone piece entitled "Phox: From the Basement to the Big Time," about Madison's favorite indie-folk band. The article features collages I created using handmade circus patterns and imagery combined with members of the band, highlighting their absurdist tendencies and drawing connections to their DIY roots in Baraboo, home of the Ringling Brothers circus.

Sophia's>> PROJECT 3

How do you brand a beloved institution, one that arrived at its success by way of old-school, hole-in-the-wall charm? This was the challenge of designing a visual identity for Sophia's, a popular breakfast café on Madison's east side. The new identity I developed employs a clean, minimalist design, with hand-drawn elements adding touches of warmth.