Graphic Design & Illustration


Kayla D. Coaching // Company Branding>> PROJECT 1

Lifting off her business Kayla needed a design that showed an ease of flow as well as emphasizing that she's local to Madison. I was able to present the client with a complete brand, front end web design materials, as well as a stationary set. We've since continued our work together on podcast album cover, Universal Love and animated logo for her Youtube series, Maniac on a Mission! Feel free to say hello to Kayla and my design at:

NASA Kids Club // Spot Illustration and Application>> PROJECT 2

These icons are out of this world! My goal in creating this unique set was to use custom imagery that matches the imagination and curiosity of young, aspiring astronauts while supporting the space program. NASA's brand shines through the iconic color choices.

7Billion // Character and Web Design>> PROJECT 3

7Billion is a local non-profit with the goal of uniting humanity through social artistry. To help spread the message in a playful, charming way I designed a chicken mascot, Beni, to teach and represent themes of evolution and oneness. Please see for the total web design, optimized for viewers to learn about these deep themes through the galleries of 7Billion.

Rocky Mountain Oils // AD Creation>> PROJECT 4

With a fresh set of labels RMO needed cutting-edge advertisement's to emphasis their simplified, vibrant brand feeling. With use of typography and color gradient a feeling of fresh energy enraptures the customer while the online thumbnail points towards the natural side of this 100% organic oil. I was the photographer, editor, and designer for this project.