Graphic Design & Illustration


Much of my inspiration for design comes from nature and my love of the outdoors. If I’m not working on a design or attending a local concert, you can bet you will find me fly fishing in the Driftless area of Wisconsin, which has served as the main inspiration of my work. It has allowed me to take a passion of mine and apply it to another passion in order to complete works of art that are not only practical, but also very personal to me. 

Stream Erosion Campaign>> PROJECT 1

The concept for this project was to create three campaign Ad posters that represent the detrimental effects that erosion has on streams and the wildlife that inhabit them. The purpose was to specifically focus on the Driftless area of Wisconsin and the species that call that area home.

Marijuana Legalization Campaign>> PROJECT 2

For this project, I wanted to create a hash tag campaign for Marijuana legalization that focuses on comparing Marijuana to other plants in nature. I wanted the audience to think of Marijuana in another way other than focusing on it as a drug. To do this I wanted to place it in nature where it originated along with every other plant on this planet.

Cloud Garden Planter>> PROJECT 3

This project I created a pop out flowerpot that would be assembled easily with biodegradable material. The planter would hold small plants such as succulents and would hang in tandem with other Cloud Garden flower pots to create a Hanging garden. I also created an Ad that helps advertise this product in a medium that would be most appropriate for a paper made project such as this.