graphic Design & Illustration


I am a rebranded research nerd who utilizes graphic design to generate positivity and connection. From humble beginnings as an aspiring professional hard-boiled egg peeler to my current adventures in design, my passion always lies in fine-crafted workmanship and problem-solving. My background in psychology, clinical, communication, and neuroscience research provide a solid foundation for research-driven, human-centered design.  

Oregon Chai Brand Booklet: True to Form>> PROJECT 1

I developed this brand booklet for Oregon Chai, an organic chai brand. The yoga imagery gives the brand a bold, clean, and energetic feel.

Barrymore Theater: A Systematic Rebrand>> PROJECT 2

This Barrymore Theater rebrand incorporates the beautiful building architecture and rich history into the brand identity. I created a logo system of a set of “B’s” within a shape that reflects the iconic Barrymore Theater dome. The venue and performers select the “B” that best fits the event personality.

Editorial Illustration: A 20-something Ostrich>> PROJECT 3

These emotionally-rich animal character studies are based on a combination of a female twenty-something and an ostrich.

Bic Soleil Women’s Razors: Package & Logo Redesign>> PROJECT 4

I redesigned this Bic package into an environmentally-friendly chipboard design.

Rain or Shine: A Weather App for Farmers>> PROJECT 5

This iPhone weather app is designed for farmers and other individuals whose livelihoods are closely tied to the weather. The app provides current location-specific conditions and a weekly forecast, along with soil temperature, humidity, frost depth, real-time radar, and the ability to share conditions.

Flocktail: A Mocktail Brand>> PROJECT 6

I developed this 90’s-themed mocktail brand for millennials looking for delicious, non-alcoholic drinks and a substance-free place to socialize. As the mission statement promises, “You can party all night long - without the hangover. At Flocktail, you can chill in peace during a simpler time. We like, totally get you.”