graphic Design & Illustration


I have always had a passion for art and design. My last library position was primarily focused on promoting events and creating web and print materials. I loved this work, but knew I could do better with formal training. The faculty of Madison College's Graphic Design and Illustration program have helped me expand and refine my creative and technical skills.
I believe graphic design is primarily about the communication of ideas. It should excite the viewer and inspire them to take action. A designer should always be mindful of the basic design principles, but always willing to go out on a limb. I especially enjoy working with typography and creating branding elements.
I also enjoy reading, drawing, painting and running agility with my dog, Cricket.

Dane County Humane Society Booklet>> PROJECT 1

Make a Match! | Be it finding a new furry family member or meeting people with common interests, DCHS is the place to be. This piece was created to playfully convey this message. It will be presented to the organization board for consideration.

Walk on the Wild Side Calendar>> PROJECT 2

The Henry Vilas Zoo's mission is to conserve and protect the wonders of the living natural world and to help build understanding between people and animals by promoting conservation and providing a high quality recreational and educational experiences to visitors. This piece is a portion of a larger project which will be donated to the zoo as a fundraising item.

Album Cover Redesign | Sympathetic Groove>> PROJECT 3

This album is all about human connections - kindred spirits. The image represents connecting with someone on both an intellectual and emotional level. I created and photographed the images used in the piece.

Monona Public Library Rebrand>> PROJECT 4

The Monona Public Library does not currently have a formal branding scheme. This library is a vibrant central place to connect with other community members, technology, leisure activities, and, of course, reading material. This is a spec work project that will be presented to the library in 2017.