Visual Communications


My true passion since I was in high school is to be “the man behind the camera”. I feel that is where I am most effective - at capturing the “True Moments” from every possible angle - even if it’s just for home videos with friends and family. One of the strengths I bring to my craft is being able to help someone express their emotions on camera. This is what helps the audience understand where the person is coming from and how they feel.

Personal Asset>> PROJECT 1

Description: Friend or Foe? You can't trust them all.

This is our day (music video) >> PROJECT 2

Description: The Official Music Video. Artist: Roger "Bones" Prather Feat. T-Fritz

Ship, Captain & Crew>> PROJECT 3

Description: How to play Ship, Captain & Crew. The Dice Game.

Fatherhood (PSA)>> PROJECT 4

Description: Any man can be a Dad, but it takes a real man to be a Father.