Graphic Design & Illustration



KAHCAHI is a budding company to the world of bottled cafe beverages. They offer a line of bottled chai beverages in an assortment of flavors. The company needed a logo developed, as well as their packaging design, website, stationary, collateral items, etc.

Zumiez Responsive Web Launch>> PROJECT 2

This responsive website launch was inspired by tropical prints, summer colors, and a laid back California attitude. Certain leaves are designed to be programmed using micro-animations to create a rustling effect. To announce the new website, Zumiez needed self mailing postcards, as well as a promotional e-mail.

Fairy Cute Phone Cases>> PROJECT 3

Hand-drawn phone cases featuring a unique pair of hobgoblins. The first phone case was drawn with pen and ink, the younger goblin is playfully jumping across the tops of toadstools in the afternoon sun. The younger goblin refuses to listen, as her older sister scolds her. The second phone case was drawn on scratchboard. Both illustrations were scanned into photoshop where they were then colorized with 2-3 tones.