Visual Communications


Becoming a motion designer has been one of the most rewarding and challenging undertakings of my life. Ever since I can remember I have had a camera in my hand and I have always been very passionate about video and animation. This program has given me the ability to take my passions and finally watch as they have flowered into a professional reality. I love constantly learning new and interesting techniques with these programs and am very excited to continue my journey into the digital realm of motion design. I have recently purchased a beautiful new Panasonic G7 mirrorless camera for all my 4k - full HD video/photography needs. In conjunction with Adobe’s full creative suite this has given me the resources I need to be a successful freelance designer and editor as well as continuing my passion for all forms of digital art.

Karben4 Brewing Interview>> PROJECT 1

Corporate video for Karben4 Brewing. An interview with Brewmaster, Ryan Koga, discussing Karben4’s business philosophy and the media of beer. At Karben4, beer is the crossroads of art and science and we find out why.

UW Health Wellness Champions >> PROJECT 2

This project was a great learning experience. My production team had the chance to work with UW Health to create a video promoting their Wellness Champions. With this project we learned how to work well with each other while also accommodating the clients needs. The challenge was working with a client that had many constraints on where video was allowed to be shot. My personal contributions to this project were camera operator and creative director. I also helped pick out music and leveling out the audio of the interviews.

Kinetic Typography>> PROJECT 3

My name is Jeremy Niebler and I live my life in motion. An example of kinetic typography and it's ability to convey personality and emotion.

3D Model of a beer bottle>> PROJECT 4

3D model of beer bottles and their packaging created in my intro to 3D class. I designed and composted the image on the box as well as the label around the bottle. I learned a lot about 3D programs during this project, including how to properly wrap an image around a 3D object.

Niebler Media>> PROJECT 5

Animated logo inspired by shapes and nature. I parented lights and cameras to a null object as well as worked with expressions through After Effects to convey the personality and overall feel of the piece.

In the Green Room>> PROJECT 5

Expanding on my knowledge of 3D modeling, I have developed a passion for 3D motion graphics. This is a short example of a few of the self-taught techniques that I have picked up on.