graphic Design & Illustration


Around these parts they call me Eric. I am a Madison native with a deep, soothing, burning, passionate desire for all things art and design...but, if we are really being honest here, it's chicken wings.

Album Redesign>> PROJECT 1

This is a vinyl album redesign of Tame Impala's Innerspeaker through use of digital illustration. The goal of this piece was to create a psychedelic/surreal feel that fits the tone of the album.

Event Promotion>> PROJECT 2

Shake the Lake has replaced Madison's annual fireworks show Rhythm and Booms, so I decided to promote the event by way of an ad campaign. The goal was to create unity throughout various ad formats while providing necessary information through visual hierarchy.

Branding>> PROJECT 3

For this semester long branding project, I had to create a brand for a hard to find used book and media store, as well as provide collateral.