Graphic Design & Illustration


Maker, self-starter, nail-biter, Broad City enthusiast and chocolate addict designing at the sweet spot between loud simplicity and overwhelming complexity to craft delightful design experiences (fingers crossed). 

Lagunitas Brewing Redesign>> PROJECT 1

Lagunitas Brewing Company is a well established craft brewery with a quirky-funky-vibe and story-to-boot. The brewery was essentially "willed" into being by the unspoken desire of supportive beer-lovers after which they nurtured their creation and urged forward. Beer, they learned, is always a good lubricant for social intercourse. I used their stories, the culture and the ridiculously witty and fun sh*t (I believe) they should say to introduce a bangin' new look to a brewery desperately in need of one (it was decidedly deserved).

Timberland Promotional Collateral>> PROJECT 2

Timberland Boot Company is a distinctive, premium footwear collection, showcasing the finest modern craftsmanship, materials and style. I created a promotional campaign for them showcasing their hashtag "#moderntrail" to promote their boots in a personal and fun way. The idea being that any one person would receive this initial card in their shoebox - and then promote the boots and themselves via social media with the possibility of it being printed via Timberland.

NEDA Print Collateral>> PROJECT 3

The National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) is a non-profit organization devoted to preventing and increasing the education of eating disorders, weight and body image. The design direction is meant to be eye-opening while speaking to a vast audience about what a person is truly losing when suffering from an eating disorder - and the value of remembering what's truly important in life, so you can be here for it.

FBIZ Financial Logo & Web Design>> PROJECT 4

FBIZ Financial is the holding company of First Business Bank and Alterra Bank. I was given the opportunity to create variations of the FBIZ Financial logo and website as a junior designer at the company. This project helped me appreciate the value in seeing where something started, where it ended up and how you can create a brand for something totally out of your element (that you kind of actually like).