graphic Design & Illustration


When I was growing up I remember art and design being an outlet for me to escape into a new realm that was unlike no other. I would conceptualize and create new ideas, as it was the only way I express myself while indulging in several mediums. Now. As someone who likes to challenge themselves and push things even further, the Graphic Design and Illustration Program here at Madison College gave me the opportunity to express myself, push through obstacles, and had me become more of a critical thinker and a better designer where I developed new passions, new interests, and gain many more experiences from both my peers and instructors.

Anything but Ordinary Branding>> PROJECT 1

Anything But Ordinary; Fun and Bold Accessories for Anyone is a self initiated branding project. I wanted to embark on this branding experience on my own to create a professional business suite for my sister-in-law to carry her forward through her vendor events, etsy, or otherwise. Here is a small sneak peak of what is shown.

Alley Cat Allies>> PROJECT 2

Backstory: Alley Cat Allies is a national engine of change for cats and is seen around the world as a global champion for humane treatment of all cats. Alley Cat Allies works with all communities to create low-cost spay and neuter policies and programs as well as life saving causes like; Trap-Neuter-Return and Shelter-Neuter-Return. What I did during these p.s.a's was re-create the logo, as the logo had horrible image quality, found and bought stock photo's and took them into photoshop creating a clipping mask around the cat and changed the background into greyscale leaving the cat in color.

Camp Vibes>> PROJECT 3

Camp Vibes is part of a group collaborative project of four other unifying designs felt appropriate for spring / summer in Wisconsin. These bags were created for Madison College\'s Pop-sale, and the main focus was to have a color scheme and type that matches the theme of each bag and illustrations to accompany them.

Bellabeat Brand Book>> PROJECT 4

Bellabeat is a fitness device that is stylish, practical, and geared towards women. I wanted to create a brand booklet that is informative and eye-catching, while creating a unifying color scheme and typography for a 20 page booklet.

Illustrative Posters>> PROJECT 5

Here is a sample of some illustrative posters that were created to be screen printed. The three of them previewed here, shows some of my traditional and digital style.