graphic Design & Illustration


Classically-trained part time old gun slinger of the American Frontier. When I'm not busy doing that, I create visual concepts for branding, merchandise design, advertisements, and anything that needs to be communicated through visual means. Each day is a new opportunity. I appreciate and lust for clever.

Tullamore Dew Ad Series>> PROJECT 1

Tullamore Dew is the underdog of the Irish whiskey world, so I wanted to create a concept which would draw people to drink it. This project put my photography skills to the test, with setting up an at home photo shoot and getting the lighting just right.

Zildjian Promotional Booklet>> PROJECT 2

As a drummer, having quality drum cymbals can really make an impact on how you sound. So, I made a promotional booklet for my favorite cymbal company. Using splatter and watercolor effects as well as keeping the typography clean and organized, I gave this book an exciting yet clean feeling.

Camping Icons>> PROJECT 3

I wanted to create a fun style that REI could use to promote their products in store. With wild water colors and relief printing, these icons were a blast to make.
Salt & Swagger is a branding project that I made for an imaginary pickle and ferment company. I designed everything from logo to full web design to business plan and social media and marketing strategy.