graphic Design & Illustration


A wise woman taught me that any day you learn something is a good day. As a designer, I've embraced this mindset, which motivates me to tackle new challenges and collaborate with others to make the world a more functional and beautiful place. My ever-broadening skillset covers graphic design, web design, illustration, and photography, and I'm always excited to pick up something new. When I'm not designing, I'm usually relaxing with a very silly cat, watching Netflix, collecting music, devouring cupcakes, or, once in a blue moon, sleeping.

Chirp Chocolates>> PROJECT 1

The Chirp Chocolates branding suite was created from the ground up, including the name, logo, brand voice, and a variety of collateral. The business’s name and vibrant color palette capture the upbeat, friendly, and trendy identity that separates Chirp from the rest of the pack. Other branding elements include the circular pattern, which is inspired by a box of truffles with the occasional chocolate plucked out, and illustrated birds to represent Chirp’s various chocolate flavors.

Murphy's Kingdom>> PROJECT 2

This fantasy map shows my house from the imagined perspective of my cat, who thinks of himself as a king. The map features a blend of analog and digital elements assembled in Photoshop, including hand drawn illustrations and typography, as well as scanned textures. The result is a lighthearted mood that captures the naivety of a cat’s perspective. Materials used include colored pencil, ink, and gouache.

Swatch Sistem51>> PROJECT 3

Inspired by the beauty, variety, and precision of Swatch watches, I developed a brand booklet and promotional microsite based on the concept that Swatches revolve around you. A Swatch is a statement of the wearer’s personality, and the Sistem51 line is literally powered by the wearer. Driven by this concept, I incorporated visual elements inspired by movement, repetition, and watch anatomy.

Character Drawing>> PROJECT 4

In this series of character drawings, I experimented with stylizing proportions and drawing a range of emotions to create a sheep with distinct style and personality. To create these illustrations, I combined brush pen line art and digital color in Photoshop.