Graphic Design & Illustration


Arts and crafts were always my favorite thing to do as a small child. I adventured into the world nervous to take on my passion as a career. Madison College made me quickly realize that I made the right choice to pursue a degree in Design. I will always have a to-do list, I enjoy checking things off and to accomplish as much as I possibly can. There is nothing more satisfying to me that having the final production piece in your hand. If my face isn’t shoved into my computer you can find me where they have craft beer, cheap wine, huskies and sports cars.

Wave Watch Weather App>> PROJECT 1

A nautical inspired weather app and icon set designed for offshore boating and fishing enthusiasts or nautical lovers, who want the look and feel of being at sea. Inspired by mono line and nautical colors, combined with a modern font.

Non-Traditional Family Cookbook>> PROJECT 2

The Non-Traditional Family Cookbook is a combination of hand brush lettering, page layout and photography skills. The book contains 4 sections filled with some unusual recipes for family gatherings. Our family gatherings are far from a bland time, who else wins a tiara and gown at a croquet tournament in winter? These recipes deserved their own special book so they can continue to keep the tradition alive.

Las Vegas Gift Shop Pillow>> PROJECT 3

New York may claim that it is the city that never sleeps, but Las Vegas REALLY doesn't sleep. You may find yourself needing a cat nap on your flight home. You can pick up this souvenir pillow at McCarran International Airport. It may not cure your hangover, but it will make the flight home a little more enjoyable. A badge with location is on one side of a pillow and a repeating pattern on the reverse.