graphic Design & Illustration


I avoided pursuing an artistic career for a long time because I feared I would lose my passion for creating. During that time I played synthesizer in bands, travelled, was a cook, was a farmer, collectively ran a grocery co-op, was the zine coordinator at a bookstore, and was always kind of pondering what I wanted to do next that would really feel right. I'm so happy I finally got over my skepticism!
Learning about design and creating work is one of the most exciting and fulfilling things I've ever taken on. I can't believe how many inspiring people I've met and how many rad projects I've had the fortune to work on. I've always been a little bit interested in everything, so I love that, as a designer, I’m able to completely dive into endless diverse topics.
Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and for checking out my work! 

Black Sheep Bazaar Identity>> PROJECT 1

The Black Sheep Bazaar is an amazing event featuring non-traditional artists and crafty types who get together for one day of vending, shopping and cocktails. Here are the last two events posters, t-shirt design, and buttons I made for the bazaar.

Moog Brand Book>> PROJECT 2

Moog is an iconic and original synthesizer brand that has a long legacy and many famous disciples. I created a brand book for them featuring some of their earliest fans sharing their first impressions and memories of Moog.

High Noon Web Revamp>> PROJECT 3

This is an interactive and responsive redesign of the High Noon Saloon's Website. The homepage features a kiosk with flyers for upcoming shows that animate as the curser hovers on them. The venue can also solicit videos from their fans to create new animations to share on social media.

Salt & Swagger Identity>> PROJECT 4

Salt & Swagger is a branding project that I made for an imaginary pickle and ferment company. I designed everything from logo to full web design to business plan and social media and marketing strategy.

Fall Portfolio Show Invitation>> PROJECT 5

Our portfolio show is full of tasty work waiting to be ordered up and feasted on by design professionals and prospective employers. My invitation puts our work on the menu along with some delicious vintage imagery.

Heartland Farm Sanctuary Rebrand>> PROJECT 6

The Heartland Farm Sanctuary is a non-profit organization with many dedicated volunteers that gives shelter and hope to abused and neglected animals. I redesigned their identity to better express the satisfaction that helping animals can give and to show the community they've created for humans and animals alike.