graphic Design & Illustration


After twenty years of working in page layout and print preparation, I decided to go straight and study graphic design.  My education has opened up a world of mediums, methods, and ideas along with the opportunity to freelance. I’m looking forward to new design and illustration projects and the individual challenges they bring.

One-of-a-Kind Pets PSA>> PROJECT 1

concept development / multimedia layout
The One-of-a-Kind Pets campaign developed as a series of ads to bring shelter animals into the spotlight as unique and desirable pets. The campaign played on the type of hybrid names used by breeders, creating an up-beat, happy ad emphasizing the joy a shelter pet can bring into anyone’s life.

The Municipality>> PROJECT 2

print layout / photography / branding
The new look of the Municipality brought this association magazine into the 21st century by updating the colors, instituting a 4-color cover and branding, including page layout and self-promotion. My work on it included layout, file preparation, filler ads, editing and info-graphics as well as the photography featured on most of the covers.

The Creative Hamster>> PROJECT 3

illustration / print layout / copy writing
This article on creativity grew out of a challenge to combine the persona of a classmate, Steve, with an animal — in this case, “hamster” was drawn out of the hat. The illustrations were so fun to do that, in order to give them a home, I paired them with an article I had written on tips for increasing the creative aspects of life.

Talon Shoes>> PROJECT 4

Concept development / logo development / branding
The Talon Shoes brand was inspired by the rich colors of luxury metals paired with a modern font. The logo is simple yet classic; the font gives the letter mark an engraved look. The brand conveys a feeling of elegance and refinement.

Canis Major>> PROJECT 5

Concept development / illustration / print preparation
Canis Major is a labor of love. I wanted to illustrate the Robert Frost poem of the same name, and a children’s book seemed the perfect format. Images were first hand-drawn, then scanned and organized digitally.