Graphic Design & Illustration


I grew up surrounded by creative problem solvers, so I suppose it's little surprise that design has been a calling of mine. My favorite projects allow me to dive into research and learn about corners of the world I previously knew little about. As a proud, card-carrying member of the Oregon Trail Generation, I admire the authenticity, tactility, and subtle imperfections of the handmade, while also embracing the benefits of our evolving digital world today.

Pieces Unimagined>> PROJECT 1

Pieces Unimagined is a fantastic shop on Madison’s east side selling reclaimed industrial and vintage goods. I chose to develop a rebrand for this small business as I thought there was opportunity to unify the store’s visual identity and further reflect the refinement of the owner’s creations. My design decisions were inspired by the furniture and ephemera sold in the shop, with functionality a primary consideration in the development of each printed piece.

Hallman Lindsay Paints>> PROJECT 2

2016 marked the 60th anniversary for Hallman Lindsay, the only paint manufacturer remaining in Wisconsin. I developed the concept and designed the layout for this brand booklet which celebrates the company’s history and amplifies their proud tradition of being the quality paint store just around the corner. The piece is evocative of the company identities from the 1950s, and as a whole feels both nostalgic and contemporary, trusted and approachable.

Rome Pie Iron Responsive Web Site>> PROJECT 3

Rome Industries is the maker of the original pie iron, a campfire tradition that turns basic ingredients into something gooey and delicious. I chose to redesign to help the site better inspire the feelings of the age-old camping tradition. A pie iron is more than a sandwich-maker, it brings family and friends together to make forever memories. My design is inspired by Curt Teich picture postcards, images which captured scenes and memories of American life, and aims to bring the tactility of print to the web.

Wisconsin's Quirkiest Festivals>> PROJECT 4

I love maps. As a kid I would spend hours analyzing them. I also love small town festivals, where communities come together to celebrate wonderful things like butter and cheese. Fortunately, few places do such festivals better than Wisconsin. I chose to mash up these passions and highlight some of our strange traditions by illustrating and designing the definitive map and guide to some of the quirkiest festivals our state has to offer.